Don't Toss These Items in the Trash

Dispose of hazardous waste properly to keep it from harming people, pets, and the planet.

Springfield Township reminds residents that household products containing toxic chemicals can be a threat to people and the environment if they are improperly discarded.

Never dispose of hazardous materials in the trash as they may harm sanitation workers or result in a collection vehicle fire. It is unsafe to pour hazardous waste down a sink or storm drain because it pollutes the air, water, and soil.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

When: September 13, 2012

Where: Rose Tree Park
1671 Providence Road
Media, PA 19063 

What is accepted: Computers, TVs, small electronics, non-alkaline batteries, oil-based paint, paint thinner, spot removers, gasoline, kerosene, gas/oil mixture, heating oil, motor oil, pool chemicals, rust/ paint remover, antifreeze, mercury thermometers, pesticides, and cleaners.

What is NOT accepted: Smoke detectors, latex paint, large appliances, air conditioners, asbestos, gas cylinders, PCBs, pressurized CFCs, tires, and alkaline batteries. 

Please call the Springfield township public works department at 610-543-2837 if you have questions. 


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