How Tall Can the Grass Grow?

Springfield ordinance states how high it's OK to let the grass grow.

Springfield township ordinance, section 45.13, requires that grass and weeds be cut before they exceed eight inches in height. 

Residents can be fined by the township for neglecting to cut overgrown grass and weeds on their property.

Springfield township prohibits public nuisances. The township code constitutes a nuisance as:

  • An act or thing having a natural tendency to injure a person or property
  • Things, conditions or uses which injure, annoy, inconvenience, disturb or otherwise adversely affect life, health, and safety or the use and enjoyment of property
  • Offenses to the sense of hearing, smell or sight
  • Anything intrinsically harmful to the public health, safety, morals or welfare of the public, and/or which may have been determined by courts of law of competent jurisdiction

For more information on Springfield Township's code and enforcement practices, visit their website

Have you experienced any issues with neighbors not cutting their grass? How did you react?



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