'Silver Linings' Diner To Roll Out Red Carpet for Oscars

The landmark Llanerch Diner is ready for its close up during the Academy Awards.

The landmark Llanerch Diner is ready for its close-up during the Oscars.

Silver Lining Playbook is getting more "Oscar buzz" at the corner of West Chester Pike and Township Line Road than anywhere except maybe in Hollywood... and maybe not even there.

Llanerch Diner is not nominated but the people who came and shot there one day in late 2011 are. The diner plays a key role in one scene between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, who play the romantic leads in the story of their struggles to find love while coping with Bi-Polar disorder.

Although "Best Supporting Diner" in a major motion picture is not one of the Oscar catergories, the folks at the Llanerch diner are prepared to celebrate every time the movie, which is up for Academy Awards Sunday, wins a statue.

The diner is throwing an Oscar party, the likes of which the eatery has never seen.

Daytime Manager Steve Vasiliadis tells Patch that they will literally be rolling out a red carpet for a black-tie party Sunday night starting at 8 p.m.. The event is open to the public. The dress is formal (tuxedos and formal wear, please). Vasiliadis says the champagne will be flowing and there will be a toast offered every time a Silver Linings nominee wins.

Roula Kosmatos will be there. She has been working at the Llanerch for four years and was there for the entire 22-hour shooting day back in the fall of 2011. "It was amazing," she says about the day, "it's hard work. They would stop and move a jello (container in the refrigerator case behind the counter) a few inches." She does not appear on camera but still feels connected to the filming. "I still talk about it every single day."

George Branin also works at Llanerch and has been with the company that owns the diner for 10 years. He is in the film "toward the very end in the credits."

Roula, George, Steve and the rest of the Llaerch satff will be on hand Sunday and hoping to offer up eight celebratory toasts-one for for a win in each of the eight categories the film is nominated.

JEFFREY February 24, 2013 at 06:11 PM
Congrats to Llanerch Diner.
John February 24, 2013 at 06:40 PM
All the Best ... to everyone at Llanerch Diner


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