Blunt Evidence

Wilted is not as bad as stilted.

Sometimes it's as simple as holding up a placard with 100 written on it.

Sometimes it's crazy difficult to get 51-48.

An anniversary of the record-breaking accomplishment of Wilt, "The Stilt", Chamberlain's scoring a hundred points in a basketball game is laid next to a reproductive rights showdown. No, I'm not including the supposed sexual exploits of "The Stilt".

The showdown, in question, took place in the U.S. Senate over an amendment sponsored by Republican Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri. The so-called "conscience exemption" measure would have allowed employers to omit insurance coverage for health services they consider morally objectionable. In particular, withholding coverage for birth control and contraception at no additional cost to employees.

Wilt established his legacy by keeping his mind on the game and his eyes on the front of the basketball rim. Wilt wasn't looking to be feated as much as to help his team win. "The Stilt" stood tall in the lane and took punishment under the boards. No other evidence but the blunt designation in a photogragh is left to memorialize one of basketball's finest moments.

The Senate established a partisan foul-up by linking such an amendment to a debate over highway legislation. Being upfront and keeping eyes on an energy bill might have scored better for all but one of the Republicans voting. I presume that the three socially-conservative Democrats who voted for the Blunt Amendment were not looking to be celebrated as much as looking for a moral victory. Close or not, the Senate vote never really stood a chance to tower over election-year politics and survive the punishment of a presidential veto. But, hey, there was plenty of media coverage for the legislative non-coverage of a woman's right to basic medical care.

The blunt evidence is all too stark for a man's erectile dysfunction being considered a health matter to be linked to coverage of an energy pill, if not an energy bill. How else is an aging Senator to be memorialized? Even the Speaker of the House has said that its version of the amendment would be "largely symbolic".

Let's hope that men will look to score their points through sporting contests rather than making a sport of reproductive rights. But, if the question is what stance is steadier on its feet, my vote is with the lower center-of-gravity.

So, sorry Wilt, but legally you don't have a leg to stand on.

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Paul J. Mullock March 03, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Just goes to show what a travesty the Constitution has become. Hamilton is smiling.
Sue March 04, 2012 at 03:31 PM
Just another case of assault with a Blunt instrument.


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