Labor Day Profile: What is a Diagnostic Ultrasound Sonographer?

Take a look at an interesting job performed by a Springfield local

In commemoration of Labor Day, Patch is profiling four individuals who live and work in Springfield. 

Meet Amy Seng, a diagnostic ultrasound sonographer at Crozer-Chester Medical Center. 

Seng is a Springfield local who decided while in high school that this field was the right fit for her. Since completing her education, she has been on the sonographer team at Crozer for the past seven years. 

What does a diagnostic ultrasound sonographer do?

 Diagnostic ultrasound sonographers use specialized equipment that uses sound waves to image the soft tissue in the body.

"In a nutshell, the sound waves that are emitted travel to the organs and bounce back to provide an image of the organ we are evaluating," said Seng. "We work very closely with our patients as well as the physicians, evaluating images for quality and assisting the physicians in their diagnosis by providing them with a detailed report of our preliminary findings."

A Day In The Life

There is never a dull moment or a typical day in the medical field. A staff of ten sonographers are scheduled around the clock to be available for patient appointments as well as for emergency cases.

"We do everything from monitoring a developing fetus, to evaluating all of the soft tissue organs in the body for pathology," said Seng. "I work with outpatients, inpatients, and emergency patients."

Making The Grade

Seng attended Crozer's School of Radiologic Technology and Crozer's School of Diagnostic Ultrasound, receiving clinical awards in both. Clinical awards are presented to top performing students in the field, who work well with patients and have a passion for their job.  

"Small class sizes and intense didactic work, combined with hands-on training, is why I feel that Crozer graduates are some of the most well rounded and best educated sonographers," said Seng. 

Why She Loves Her Job

"One of the things that I love about my job is working so closely with my patients," said Seng. "It's so exciting when an expectant mother and father see their baby for the first time. It makes me so happy to experience and share in the joy with the parents-to-be."

"Working in the medical field I have learned to not take my health or life for granted," added Seng. "Everyday is truly a gift!"

Crozer-Chester Medical Center

One Medical Center Boulevard 
Upland, PA 19013 


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