Our Dog is Dying

Should people have the right to die?

Scima is an old dog.

She’s lived a good life and had many health issues. She now seems to have full hip dysplasia and really can’t walk much on her own or even squat to relieve herself.

As I looked at her last night, wondering if she’d wake in the morning, I thought of all the other pets I’ve lost over the years and realized that most had not just failed to wake up one morning. Most of the pets I had through childhood had some sort of illness that the vet treated as long as we could and when we felt that our pet’s life was nothing but pain and suffering or a vegetative state on pain medicine, we let the vet end that pet’s life with as much dignity and remaining joy in life as possible. It was always a hard decision and it was never made lightly.

Animals can’t communicate their desires to end their lives other than to stop eating, which is what Scima did this weekend, but Sunday night, she did eat a bit of chicken, so maybe she still has hope. I never want to keep an animal alive in an unhappy state just for my own enjoyment of that animal. That would just not be fair. We will see how the week progresses with Scima, but looking at her and thinking these things made me think that we, as a society condone and support putting pets to sleep that are infirm and who cannot make that decision themselves, but yet, we deny people, who can make that decision the same right.

If Scima were a person and she told the doctors that she had made her peace with the world and she was suffering too much to continue, she could not get relief from her doctor. She could sign a living will so that she would not be resuscitated and other actions would not be performed to keep her alive, but if she wanted to die, she would have to resort to the same method a dog would use. She would have to stop eating.

These are my own thoughts, what are yours?

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Susan June 29, 2012 at 03:58 PM
A hug and prayers of comfort for you and Scima. I love my dog and hope that when the time comes, I will know it and bless him with the same loving kindness that you have done for yours.
Jim L June 30, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Very sorry to hear about this but it happens to all of us. After I waited a couple of weeks too long with my prior three dogs (and 1 cat), I vowed not to be so selfish and do that again. You know when it's time (we all do), but our animals have been a part of the family for anywhere from 8 to 17 years and it's tough, real tough, but they're far better off to let them go to sleep.
Susan Silverberg July 02, 2012 at 09:30 PM
Lucy, having last gone through this twelve years ago, it is always hard. I've had three dogs,five birds and numerous goldfish and turtles. My last dog, Rambo was the hardest since the illness took his eyesight and became very debilitating. It was cushings syndrome and sards. But Ram asked me to let him go one night, because animals really do communicate feelings. We had thirteen years and I never replaced him because he was irreplacable. The apartment I live at has dog tennants, so I play with them instead. My best advice is tocry when you need to and I hope you cremated your pet. I still talk to Ram, when things get tough.
Carolynne Park July 03, 2012 at 08:52 PM
In Washington state and Oregon, a person does have the right to request and receive Doctor assisted suicide when they suffer a terminal illness. I don't know how often the law is used by dying residents, but having lost my brother in Washington state just over 2 weeks ago, I can tell you that he was comforted by the knowledge that he had that option. His death was so fast that he had not yet reached the point of wanting to end his life. But I know he was aware of the law and probably would have used it if his suffering became unbearable. Lucy, you alone must make this decision for your beloved dog. If she were a wild creature, nature would have ended her life before now. Your loving stewardship for all her life makes you responsible for how her life ends. I know you will do what is right for Scima. Don't forget to tell her how much you love her and to thank God for giving you such a beautiful and loyal friend.
KierstenWoods Xtube Ladydickpussy July 04, 2013 at 11:44 PM
firstly,each situation is dffrnt...if ur loved one is crying in pain..goodness yes....euthanize....but if just drifting n drowsy........they go in peace.....im sorry for anyone goung thru this...i am ..right this second....and i know...from him witnessing an ambulance come to take his owner awayyy.....never to come back ...he KNOWS....about ""the last ride"....they ALL DO!!...people "think" they dont know stuff,,, and thats rediculous....they smell the insides of us...hear our heart beats...and breath....pleeeze....KEEP IT REAL...FOR THEM...AND YOURSELF..... but..if its a suffering aching thing...yes ..euthanize.........may yu all die peacefully as well...without pain....kiersten woods....


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