Patch: A Reflection of Springfield

We’re only just getting started.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Launching a community Web site is no easy task. By grace of God, we’ve found some very talented writers, photographers and videographers. We are always hiring freelancers.

I’m proud to cover this community. 

There is a Springfield in 35 states, including two in Pennsylvania, and two Springfield Patches, one for Springfield, NJ. I’ve learned to be very specific on my Google searches.

“Springfield” is teased as a generic town name, although it is not most common. There is a “Riverside” in almost every state, except those without rivers, according to About.com.

Patch Regional Editor (my boss) Tom Murray said, “Springfield (Pa.) is ripe for a Patch.” I agree: there’s a healthy rate of community involvement and that’s what Patch is all about.

Arthur Miller said, “A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.” Patch aims to be an all-encompassing interactive forum.

If I had my druthers, I’d hear from each and every one of the roughly 25,000 residents here. That would be a lot of emails and phone calls.

You can engage in many ways: write comments, post events/announcements or share your musings via blog.

I’m thrilled that Springfield Township Police Chief Joseph Daly is on board as a Springfield Patch blogger (coming soon!)

Check back often because we have a lot planned. We’re only just getting started.

We hope to become a virtual fixture in the township where residents can check in and see the status of the community through your own voices.

Share your concerns, issues and observations; share your community pride. Springfield Township mostly retains its residents. Many who grew up here stay to raise their kids. Many notable community members are graduates of Cardinal O’Hara High School.

Tell us your story.

Springfield’s most famous residents are, of course, The Simpsons who, like Springfield, have a common-but-not-most-common (sur)name. D’oh!

Springfield Patch is among many in the Patch family but it is no common Web site, it’s uniquely fit to Springfield Pa., Delaware County.

I hope you enjoy the site and help us make it a reflection of the community.


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