Poll: Should Joe Paterno's Statue Be Removed?

Critics of the Penn State child rape scandal are calling for JoePa's statue to be taken down. What do you think?

Last week's scathing report presented by former FBI Director Louis Freeh shed light on what some call the gruesome side of Pennsylvania State University and its officials.

Reaction has been swift, steady and strong. For example, a halo that once crowned Joe Paterno's head on a campus mural was removed last weekend.

Once a hero, the nearly sainted head football coach has almost literally been knocked off his pedestal.

What do you think? Should the famous statue of Joe Paterno at Penn State be removed? Take our poll and give us your opinion in the comments below.

John July 24, 2012 at 12:49 AM
Have any of you Idiots read the report, Joe covered up that is commission, not omission. He was saving the almighty football program at all costs!
John July 24, 2012 at 12:53 AM
You are a moron!!!!
Rabid hypocrite July 24, 2012 at 01:49 AM
Of course the board signed off on the Freeh report -- they payed for it. The purpose of the Freeh report was to bury the Sandusky scandal with Joe Paterno, and Freeh gave them what they paid for. And the Washington analogy is no stretch, it's an observation. We choose to celebrate the contributions of some and largely ignore the evil we know they did. In this case, we're obliterating the good works of a man who we can't be certain was guilty and who can no longer defend himself. Why? Because our 24 hour, sensationalistic media culture has exposed a monster in our midst, and our attention spans are too short to wait for our our ponderous legal system, with its antiquated notions of presumption of innocence and due process, to satisfy our appetites for justice (or vengeance). John Paul II has already been beatified and will likely be canonized despite his utter failure to protect children from predators in the clergy, but Joe Paterno's is being destroyed because he offers PSU (and the NCAA) a sacrificial lamb big enough to satisfy the public's blood lust.
sayitasitis123 July 24, 2012 at 05:52 PM
Sadly, we cannot go back in history and correct all wrongs. But we can move forward and do so. Below I pasted another example of the same. In this case the person who covered up the sexual abuse is going to prison. Note how the "monsigneur" said: "I did not intend harm". Yet by not acting harm IS done. Turning a blind eye to crime, is a crime. Bless the children who have had to suffer for society to finally begin to see this, and to act on it. Associated Press writer JoAnn Loviglio in Philadelphia contributed to this report. PHILADELPHIA - July 24, 2012 (WPVI) -- A Roman Catholic monsignor who became the first U.S. church official branded a felon for covering up sex abuse claims against priests was sentenced Tuesday to three to six years in prison by a judge who said he "enabled monsters in clerical garb ... to destroy the souls of children." " The monsignor said Tuesday: "I did not intend any harm to come to (Avery's victim). My best was not good enough to stop that harm.""
jack July 24, 2012 at 07:10 PM
To have his statue there in the first place is a reflection of mindset of PennState: Football (or sports in general) is everything!!! For all those who defend Paterno, you said he is not a saint. So, then why does he deserve a Statue? I am not asking him to be a saint, he is not, he is only a football coach! That's it! No more, no less. Meanwhile. let's talk about this culture of "sports is everything". This toxic culture has infested to every level including GV schools. Look at how many complaints we got when SD started cutting sports programs or asking parents to pay to play. Look at these parents who think their kids are top athletes and can get scholarships by playing sports. It doesn't bother them if their kids get a broken leg, arm or concussion. Pathetic. PennState is the nature result of these pathetic culture.


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