Adolph Beats Fearn for State Representative Seat

Adolph is the Republican incumbent.

Pa. State Representative William Adolph, the Republican State Representative incumbent for the 165th legislative district, beat his Democratic challenger Jeremy Fearn in Tuesday’s election.

As of 12 a.m. Adolph was leading Fearn by a 18,754 to 10,813 votes.

“I want to thank all of the local residents who exercised their right to vote and took part in the electoral process today,” said Adolph.  “I greatly appreciate having such strong support from the residents of Morton, Springfield, Marple, and Radnor.  I especially want to thank our committee people and the many volunteers who worked so hard over the past few months to help get our message out to voters and build support for my re-election.”

Adolph, of Springfield, has been a state representative since 1989.

He is chair of the Appropriations Committee and a member of the Rules Committee.

“As Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, I will continue my work in the Pennsylvania legislature to craft responsible, on-time, and balanced state budgets. During the budget process, I will continue to work to ensure that the state government spends within its means. But I will also work to ensure that the spending priorities in the budget reflect the ideals and priorities of Pennsylvania residents,” he told Main Line Media News. Read more about him here.

Fearn, also of Springfield, said a major issue for him “is restoring adequate funding to public schools, because if our children don’t have the resources they need to learn, they won’t have the ability to successfully compete in this new, global marketplace. In order to abide by Tom Corbett’s pledge of no new taxes, the Corbett administration reduced state support for public schools by $860 million in 2011-12, shifting support from the state to the local School districts,” he told Main Line Media News. Read more about Fearn here.

Adolph represents the first and second precincts of Radnor Township's First and Second wards, and the second precincts of Wards Three, Four and Five.


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