Badey Denounces Meehan, Supports Affordable Care Act

District 7 democratic challenger George Badey held a press conference outside Rep. Pat Meehan's Springfield office Wednesday morning to protest Meehan's vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

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Whether the debate takes place in Delaware County or the Supreme Court of the United States, the universal healthcare bill has been, and remains, the between politicians despite the Supreme Court's June 28 ruling to uphold the majority of the bill. 

In front of a few dozen passionate supporters and armed with signs on Wednesday morning, Rep. Pat Meehan's (R-7) democratic challenger George Badey vocalized his thoughts regarding both the Affordable Care Act and Meehan's choice to repeal it. 

“The Affordable Care Act is an excellent law. It’s an important step to providing universal healthcare for all Americans," Badey said. “It’s a longtime coming. It should have been many, many years ago that this happened.”

For Badey, two crucial components of the act are that doctors can no longer refuse coverage for preexisting conditions and that it offers tax credits for small businesses, an incentive for them to provide benefits for employees. 

As of late, Badey said he believes the bill has been reduced to merely a political football between opposing parties.

On the topic of Meehan, Badey said that his "symbolic vote to repeal it (the Affordable Care Act) is irresponsible and wrong."

“People should realize that Pat Meehan is not someone who is voting in the best interest of his constituents or the best interest of America,“ said Badey.

Following the press conference, supporters gathered outside Meehan's office along Sproul Road in Springfield to further endorse Badey and the bill.  

Dave Russell July 20, 2012 at 03:48 AM
Shouldn't it say that insurers can't deny coverage?


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