Corbett Relative Focus of Police Sting

Reports: Governor's son-in-law questioned in police investigation.

Multiple news reports say Governor Tom Corbett's son-in-law, a Philadelphia Police officer is being questioned in a Police investigation.

Philly.com reports

"SEVERAL COPS suspected that Gov. Corbett's son-in-law, a veteran narcotics officer, was stealing money and clothing from targeted drug homes as far back as last spring, sources told the Daily News.

And Thursday, Gerold Gibson was taken off the street after he "lit up like a Christmas tree" while carrying about $140 in specially treated money he allegedly stole from a car during a sting operation as part of an FBI and police Internal Affairs investigation, a source said."

Sources tell NBC10 that Gerald Gibson, a narcotics officer, has been placed on administrative leave. Police reportedly issued a brief statement about an officer being removed from his duties after a joint investigation by the FBI and Internal Affairs. The officer was not reportedly identified and has not been arrested or charged with a crime.

WPVI-TV (6 ABC) reported that Gibson was allegedly found in possession of marked money that was used during a police sting operation.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that according to its sources in law enforcement, Gibson was specifically targeted by the U.S. Attorney's Anti-Corruption Unit and that his supervisors were aware of the sting.

Gibson is said to be separated from Corbett's daughter, Kate Corbett-Gibson, who is a deputy with the state attorney general's office. Corbett led the state attorney general's office prior to assuming the governorship in 2011.

The Gibsons have a one-year-old son.


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