New Windows Continue Library Energy Update

Keystone Grant helps fund new window installation.

Continuing an energy-saving and environmentally friendly strategy. the Springfield Township Library will install new windows over the coming months.

Earlier in October, the Springfield Township Board of Commissioners approved a contract with GMI Contractors, Inc. to bring new windows to the library at a cost of $37,500 to the the township.

"The goal is to conserve heat, and it's also environmentally better," Library Director Audrey Blossic said. 

Blossic said the new windows will help lower energy costs. This follows the installation of solar panels on the library's roof that promise to generate 30,000 kilowatt hours a year for 25 years.

"I decided that if I'm saving money on electricity, then I should look into heating as well, because it's expensive," she said.

The building was constructed in 1963, so the advances to heating and electricity techniques are warranted.

Blossic sought out a Keystone Grant to help pay for the windows. The matching grant will result in a final price tag of $74,500.

As for a timeline, Blossic said the library only awaits a contract signature from GMI Contractors, Inc. before work can begin.

Both Blossic and township manager J. Lee Fulton said they hoped windows will be installed by year's end.


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