What's in Your Trash Could be Weighty Problem

Commissioners warn Township residents that mega-cans could be left untouched.

Trash cans put out the curb by some Springfield residents are a pain in the neck, or for the sanitation workers, a pain in the back.

Due to illegal use of oversized garbage containers from some residents, the Springfield Board of Commissioners say garbage men may leave your trash on the curb.

Commissioner Lee Janiczek said Nov. 13 that the Public Works Department reports residents using garbage cans rated 60 gallons and over—well above the 40-gallon legal limit.

"These containers are very large, and weigh 30 to 40 pounds empty. Their capacity, when full, is well over 200 pounds," Janiczek said.

The Springfield General Code limits refuse receptacles to 40 gallons and requires that the cans "may be easily handled by one man."

The problematic cans, Janiczek say, are designed to be handled by machines, not people.

"Because of the size and weight of these cans, we are endangering township employees' safety," he said.

While sanitation workers will remove bagged items from the oversized containers, Janiczek said loose refuse will be left at the curb.

The commissioners request citizens comply with the law and put out manageable trash cans. For more information, visit the township's website.


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