Election Day: Voters Choose from an Array of Candidates

Voters cast ballots today for commissioner candidates, who are out and about electioneering.

Election Day is upon us and the weather couldn't be better.

Republican Michael Culp and Democrat Cole Stevens greeted voters outside the Tuesday afternoon. Both vie for the First Ward commissioner seat, currently held by President Thomas V. Mahoney. 

Stevens is the youngest candidate on the , and possibly a record-holder for the state, at 18 years old.

Springfield Democratic Party Leader Raymond Santarelli said the party has a full slate of candidates, which include the youngest and oldest candidates in the township.

Democrat Benedict D'Angio, running for the Seventh Ward seat against Republican incumbent Daniel Lanciano, is in his 70s.

Santarelli is a candidate for commissioner of Springfield's Fifth Ward against incumbent Republican Jeffery Rudolf.

"Cole wants to promote more-progressive ideas in this township," Santarelli said. "We need new young fresh ideas. He is a great young man."

Stevens has been in politics since the age of 12. His father, Jeff, and mother, Adrianne, came out to show support along with a small troop of friends.

"We have a lot of discussions as a family," Jeff said. "I'm the only Republican in the house. We don't dictate Cole's politics, we encourage him."

"We realize this is an uphill battle," Stevens said pointing to a sea of blue Culp election signs dotted with his own green signs. "I paid for my own signs on a pay rate of $7.50 an hour."

Culp and Mahoney welcomed a slew of their supporters who stopped by, including John P. Capuzzi, Sr., Republican candidate for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

Culp said turnout has been light, despite the gorgeous weather.

Mahoney said he has two reasons he's not seeking reelection. Their names are Thomas and Nicholas, his two grandsons.

"I want to have more time to spend with them," he said.

Mahoney was appointed board president for 11 of his 22 years as commissioner.

"I never missed a meeting," he said, adding that he might have been late once. "Regardless of whether they liked me or not, I gave them their money's worth. It was a pleasure serving this town."

Mahoney said he now plans to improve his golf game at , where the Springfield Republican Party will gather tonight to await today's election results once polls close at 8 p.m.

Check Springfield Patch tonight to see who won in the township and county.


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