5th Grader Named Student of the Month

Scenic Hills fifth grader Aidan Shandley is named the Springfield School District student of the month for November.

The following is a press release from the Springfield School District.

The Springfield School District November Student of the Month is Aidan Shandley, a fifth grade student at Scenic Hills Elementary School. Aidan is a friendly, fun and dedicated student who is always ready to lend a helping hand to a friend in need. Aidan has spent all of his elementary years at Scenic Hills where he has made lots of friends and enjoys coming to school every day. Aidan is the eldest of his siblings who are in third grade and Pre-K.

Aidan likes a challenge. That is why he likes Science class so much. “The experiments are fun and I learn a lot” he said. He also enjoys learning about history in Social Studies class and reading mysteries during his Library time. He thinks all the special activities at Scenic are great. He especially likes the annual Halloween Parade and multi-media assembly that comes after the students take the PSSA tests. “My favorite field trip so far was the Ellis Island trip. We rode the ferry, saw the Statue of Liberty and experienced how the immigrants lived – It was so cool.” When Aidan was asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he said without hesitation, “an architect.” He even knows where he wants to attend college after graduating from SHS, Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. He very much likes to design and build things that allows his artistic side to come out. When he is not in school Aidan likes to hang out with his friends and play football, lacrosse and hockey.

The staff at Scenic Hills where quick to share why they think Aidan is so special. His homeroom teacher Lauren Manners-Longo said, “Aidan is a friendly, hardworking student. He consistently exceeds expectations in the classroom setting. He is always eager to lend a hand and strives to include everyone in whatever activity he is involved in. I am impressed with his ability to increase his classmate's knowledge with his contributions to our classroom discussions - Aidan is a wonderful role model for his peers.” Pam Gurenlian in the LMC added, “What a fabulous kid! Aidan is a student who has a strong, giving and helpful personality. He is an enthusiastic learner and always a pleasure to be around.” Dave Soslau, principal at Scenic Hills concluded by saying, “It may seem ironic that someone who doesn’t necessarily ‘stand out’ is selected as the student of the month. In the case of Aiden, the lack of ‘standing out’ is at the center of his greatness. With no attempt for popularity, attention or social status, he is quietly helpful, attentive, friendly, compassionate and ethical. His work efforts are as solid as possible even among children well above his age. Very simply, he’s the kind of kid that understands what being a good person is and how unimportant it is to seek popularity. If he were of age, I would have written his name on the ballot for President.” For all these reasons and more, it is a pleasure to recognize Aidan Shandley as the Springfield School District November Student of the Month.


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