District Vote Saves $37,000

A Springfield School District vote to contract with an occupational therapist could save the district $37,000.

The Springfield School Board voted on Thursday to approve contracting with an occupational therapist that would work with elementary and secondary students in the district saving taxpayers $37,000 compared to last year's contract.

Under the newly approved contract, occupational therapist Melissa Walton will make $375 per day for a maximum payment $68,250 over the course of the school year.

According to district officials, this new contract will save the district $37,000, and because they are contracting with an individual, it will allow for more control over where the therapist will be working on a given day.

Stop-Raising-Taxes October 12, 2012 at 04:29 PM
It is refreshing to see our school districts bloviating how it saved the tax payer $37,000. Maybe they and our Township leaders can shed light on how much the tax payer would save if they 1) Converted all teachers and municipal employees defined pensions plans to 401K plans, like the average tax payers, 2) transferred all pension funds to the Social Security fund and required all individuals to take payments in their out years, like the average tax payer and lastly, 3) require all municipal employees to contribute 25% to their own healthcare benefits, like the average tax payer. Any idea how much this would benefit the average Springfield tax payer? All this article demonstrates is that the Board mismanaged the tax payers monies prior to thinking out the issue….I know, shocking isn’t it! Lastly, if we paid all teachers this same fair wage ( which they clearly have proven) and way, based on average pay data and number of teachers in Springfield, One quickly estimate we would save close to $5,000,000 a year in annual tax burdens. I know, twice as shocking….now sweep this under the rug, thank you.


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