School Board Approves Funds for Renovations

The board approves over $161,000 in funds to hire an engineering firm to recommend renovations.

The Springfield School Board voted to approve over $161,000 in funds for the district’s Service Life Extension Program earlier this month.

The program aims to extend the life of the district’s current buildings so that it doesn’t have to build new ones.

“On a five year cycle we contract with a firm that makes recommendations for renovations,” said school board member Doug Carney.  “We then prioritize those recommendations and go from there.”

Carney estimated that the board actually acts on about 25 percent of the recommendations.

“The program allows us to keep our buildings in like-new condition.”

Carney estimated that most of the district’s buildings are around 65 years old, but the only thing original left in those buildings is the frame.

“This program isn’t new or sexy,” Carney said.  “But it allows us to upkeep our buildings without incurring a lot of debt.”

Stop-Raising-Taxes January 21, 2013 at 03:15 PM
Let’s see here, The Township employees a comprehensive maintenance staff and outsources all kinds of repair work to third party companies and we need to have another company, who I guess is part of some Political leader’s suggestion to hire, to tell us what we should already know and have plans in place for. Where is the accountability? Carney notes the only things left from these original buildings is the frames….this just reinforces the nonsense Springfield tax payers put up with. To allow more tax money to be used as political fodder to feed political supporters is just more of the same from an inept board whose efforts have ranked Springfield High School 124th in the State in SAT scores. Over lucrative CBA’s with the teachers unions have resulted in much higher taxes and no accountability for the continuation of a failing system in rapid decline and leadership thereof. Calling to Public service or Public that serves us?


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