School Board to Vote on Bonds, Ski Trip

The Springfield School District Board of Directors will vote on bond refinancing and ski trips.

Barring snow the Springfield School District Board of Directors will meet Thursday, Nov. 8 at 7 p.m.

Here are the agenda highlights:

  • The board will vote to refinance a bond if lower interest rates can be found.  The district is looking to save around $400,000 with the refinancing.
  • The board will also vote on hiring a firm to underwrite the bond refinancing.  The firm will charge a fee that won’t exceed 0.069 percent of the principal amount of the securities issued.
  • Also on the agenda—ski trips.  The board will vote to approve the ski club’s upcoming trip to Vermont from Jan. 25-27.

NOTE: The School Board will hold it’s second meeting of the month on Nov. 15 instead of on the 22 because of Thanksgiving.


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