Springfield High School Gets Two Big "F's"

A new report reveals where the district falls short on two crucial measurements.

According to data released Friday, the Springfield School District failed to make adequate yearly progress (AYP) on its PSSAs for the 2011-12 school year.

According to the state Department of Education, every school in the Springfield District made all of its AYP goals except for the high school, and the high school met nine of its 11 goals.

Despite the overall success by the district, the state still gives the district a warning notifying the administration that the district must improve.

Springfield High School failed to meet AYP goals in Math and Reading.

According to the report card provided by the state, 69 percent of the male grade 11 students were proficient or above in math, while 72 percent of the female students were proficient or above in math.

The district's AYP goal for both genders was 78 percent.

In reading, the male grade 11 students met their goal with 81 percent proficient or above, but the female grade 11 students just missed their goal at 79 percent above proficient.

Below is the complete PSSA reluts by school for Math and Reading:

School Number Scored Math Percent Advanced MAth Percent Proficient Math Percent Basic Math Percent Below Basic Math Number Scored Reading Percent Advanced Reading Percent Proficient Reading Percent Basic Reading Percent Below Basic Reading RICHARDSON MS 784 68.6 22.2 7.5 1.7 776 52.8 34.1 10.1 3.0 SABOLD EL SCH 388 77.1 18.3 3.9 0.8 387 56.1 32.3 8.3 3.4 SCENIC HILLS EL SCH 415 67.5 28.9 2.9 0.7 414 53.6 38.2 6.3 1.9 SPRINGFIELD HS 274 42.3 27.4 18.2 12.0 275 45.8 36.0 10.9 7.3


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