Local Olympian: Lots of Security, Shooting on Cricket Grounds

A press conference, sightseeing, practicing on the LORD's Cricket Grounds were the Sunday and Monday highlights for Olympic Archer Cindy Bevilacqua.

Olympic Archer Cindy Bevilacqua has posted a new blog Sunday:

We took the tube to Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, London Bridge and the Twin Towers. We must have walked at least 3 miles.

When we came back into the village. You will never guess how many security checkpoints we had to go through. Did you guess yet—six! Boy, do I feel safe.  Not only checkpoints but also helicopter flying around etc.

And another on Monday:

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood to go over to the LORD’S Cricket Grounds to shoot some arrows. Everyone was in high spirits today. They wanted to see the Lord’s to determine if anything changed from last year.

Jenny and Wukie (Jacob) were looking forward to seeing it for the first time. And how cool it is that we arrived on the Double Decker bus. We all sat up top and took in the sites. We pasted the Twin Towers, and other fun areas along the way.  The trip took about an hour, that wasn’t fun.

Bevilacqua is the co-owner of in Delaware County and a resident of Westtown, Chester County.


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